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She was giddy with excitement It was Christmas Eve and that meant downstairs everyone was prepping for her families annual Christmas Party. It was always quite the event. Christmas lights everywhere, all the women laughing and chatting with each other, their family jewels glinting whenever they turned, Men in full dress pulling those women onto […]

Kirsten & Neal A chance meeting through mutual friends led to this adorable love story. Kirsten and Neal met at a DC party with those friends and immediately hit it off. But it wasn’t until 2 years later that they fell for each other and started dating. Seven years later they are engaged and planning […]

5 Facts About Me! – The November Edition This week I have been journaling about those small joys that are so commonplace that they just get completely take for granted. Taking the time to pay attention to these things has honestly made me a lot happier with my life and to be honest, a lot […]

This is not a call for you to follow me so I can watch the numbers on my profile grow, this is a call for you to take FULL advantage of the experience you are taking part in. I want you to be comfortable and at ease when we are together for your engagement session, […]

A quick note from me: Before I start throwing “the top 5” at you, I want to say that while capturing you and your sweetheart in your truest form is my top priority, your engagement photos are a chance to dress up and show up at your best. Not necessarily to show off (okay maybe […]

Location, Location, Location You have just been proposed to and you’re flying high. He did it with such perfection you almost wonder how he pulled it off. Now you are entering the season of “engagement” and one of the first things you want to do is get those engagement photos done while the weather is […]

Megan and Josh are the kind of couple you can’t help but love. From the minute you pull up to their front door, are greeted by warm welcoming smiles and brought in for “outfit consultation,” to the time you drive away from an evening talking over subs, you just feel loved. You learn a lot when […]

All is still. Two large doors swing open and a hash falls over the library. The air is still. Nothing breathes but the souls held between the pages of these books. Rows and rows stacked on top of each other rising all the way to the ceiling. The dimly lit row just a few paces […]

The Heart of a Community  How a retreat with 30 creative souls taught me a very important lesson about myself, my business & the community I surround myself with. Be brave. Okay Here goes The AKP Retreat made an Impression. Now this retreat was certainly jam-packed with great education (I’m still deciphering my notes) and an experience worth […]

What is a Friend Adventure? Adventures fuel our souls, expand our creativity (and our thoughts) they refresh our minds. They show us the world outside our personal bubble and allow us to be free. Now take that adventure and add a good friend to it. It just got 10x better didn’t it? You can explore […]


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