Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to one of my Favorite places, Longwood Gardens! So, for the first time in all those amazing trips, I realized something very important about life. An A-HA moment, if you will. Sometimes the journey really is better than the destination. We got to this beautiful, large garden with an hour to spare! An hour to capture the tulips on Opposite sides of the gardens. An hour to show my mom the fountain garden for the first time. An hour to see if anything new was here. An hour to go visit my favorite places. An hour…you see how this might overwhelm me and send me into a bit of a frenzy and turn me into Super Shooter Crazy Photographer Lady: “I must shoot everything before it’s too late! The sun is going down too fast. Oh come on people. Move. Ah Thank you. Oh how pretty! I hope I can get more.”

And I’m kinda sad I did that because once the rush of trying to capture/see what I wanted passed. I actually took some time to take in the beauty of the gardens and reflect on the day we had and the one constant thought that stood out amongst my crazy mind of thoughts, was “this was a journey day more than a destination day.” How true that was! I barely remember my crazy ADD photographer self that day, but I do remember the talks me and my mom had in the car, and how we laughed when my mom decided to go “rogue” and ignore the maps directions (Mind you, neither her nor I should be left to our own devices when it comes to direction), and how excited we were to find out Quiznos still had our favorite sandwich. I love these trips because I get to spend time with my mom and take in the experience together. And that is my favorite thing ever. And next time will probably be the same, where we will get so distracted with our conversations, we’ll miss important turns, or we’ll stop to take in the Amish scene and shop a bit, or we will try to find my Grandfathers old Lancaster home that we spent every summer in when I was younger. I really shouldn’t be saying OR because we will probably do ALL of that. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you Mom


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers! I hope your children showed you the appreciation you deserve, and of course I hope you yourselves, relaxed in the beautiful imperfect-ness of your day



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