Have you ever felt like God has more than one purpose for you? Like you have this arsenal of gifts to share and you just don’t want to choose what you share? I have. It’s all in about the same area of talent, but they each require a certain amount of energy, attention and a variety of different approaches in order to make it work. One is the reason you are here. Photographing weddings and serving my couples and fellow creatives as best I can with an experience that fills you with joy and confidence. I love this life, and while I am not the most extroverted, I would like to think I offer my couples a feeling of comfort and excitement, that sets me apart as an individual.

The other is being present for a church community and sharing my creative design talent with that community. I am an admin assistant (really I’m their creative guru) at RUMC from 9-5 every day and while balancing the needs of my couples and the needs of this community is a challenge some days, others it’s a huge blessing to have so much going for me and so many ways I can reach others. All tat creative energy has to go somewhere.

I wouldn’t dare change this life, earlier this week is a perfect example. I had three galleries going through editing, emails that needed responses and blogs that needed writing. On top of all of that, I had Vacation Bible School. This means more time than ever was going to be needed to serve this church and somehow I managed to stay on top of everything. But not once did I think, “this is too much. I wish I could quit.” I know that’s a thought that goes through many creatives minds when they feel torn between their day job and their passion, but I did not feel that. This is so much more to me than a day job. It’s my passion. See I have two and they are equally matched by differing aspects and moments. It’s really hard to explain this balance because there are days where I feel anything but balanced, but today? I feel amazing!

These are the moments

The way they all quietly pray before snack like little angels. Or how a child who came in alone, now has 3 new friends and they just spin around dancing like they’ve known each other forever. The feeling of a purpose being met is so evident in this week, and I want to share with you this other side of my life.

I love my life and my two passions are the most fulfilling way I can think to do this life. Want to see more? Head on over to the Facebook Page! And tell your friends. You never know who might be looking for a new church family. Who knows? This might be it!

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