As a brand photographer, I provide personal brands & small businesses with curated imagery that reflects your personality and helps you build your online presence, raise prices, and connect with ideal clients.

01. What is a Brand?


               a visual representation of your business that promotes a real story and builds trust.

             a visual representation of your business that promotes a real life and builds trust.

02. Let's Get to Know Each Other

03. Planning Your Session 

Yay- you booked your spot! Right away, you'll receive the AMS Branding Guide which will supply you with all you need to know to get started. From outfits and personal touches, to locations and and story selection, this will give you a clearer start when we work through our two planning sessions to select a a location, possible collaborations, and your stories.

04. What is a Story?

Story: a single location or outfit with one purpose.


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Headshots are not a one-size-fits-all type of experience. Everyone has different sides to their personality that are just begging to come shining through! Some of you are super fun and love color. Others are more calm and serene. Yes, you most definitely want a beautiful polished bio photo, but when it comes to branding and connecting with your clients, headshot require a little bit more: 

The Most Popular Stories Chosen:
1. Polished: Out on the town, hustling hard and living the dream
2. Casual: At home, working or enjoying quiet time
3. Special Occasion: Celebrating a win for your business (big or small)
4. Personal: At a place that means something to you (or that you thought was cool and it just spoke to your soul)

For all the different sides of YOU and your busineess!

Team and Family Photos are the second most asked for story when deciding how your session is going to go. Having your team or family involved sends a very clear message
to your clients that you value community and caring for others:

Here are few story ideas:
1. Team at Storefront
2. Team Celebrating
3. Team on Retreat Together
4. Family at Storefront
5. Classic Family Photos

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Because they are just as much a part of your business!

Team & Family

Everyone wants to see what you do and how you do it. They love to see how their favorite product is made or how your services are rendered on the day of. 

Here are few behind the scenes story ideas:
1. Making a Popular Product
2. Running the Business
2. A Day in the Life 
3. Small Touches: Thing that make your day special like your dog coming to work with you, collaboration lunches, etc. 

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Behind the Scenes

It's time to show off all the great products you have to offer your clients! Each product is lovingly selected or even handcrafted, so let's show off the best you have to offer.

Here are some of the more popular product stories:
1. Bulk Product Shooting Day: Great for online storefront
2. Promo Product Images: Great for marketing online or sharing in a newsletter
3. Product with models

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Nothing sets a website up for success more than great product photos!


You want to show appreciation to your clients with a special sale and invite them to your storefront. The best way to make the most of this generous offering, is to get it captured. Not only will it provide you with some seasonal images, but it's going to make your clients feel even more special!

Here are some event story ideas:
1. Client Appreciation Sale
2. Black Friday or Small Biz Saturday
3. Holiday Party 
4. Retreat
5. Anniversary

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Because what better way to show that you are still open for business than to capture a big store event or special sale!

Events or Sales

"What an Awesome Experience!"

I would highly recommend Amanda to any business who is looking to help tell their story. It was interactive, fun, and hassle free. So happy with how our photos came out!

- District Brewery

"Amanda is Amazing!"

Her photos are superb! She has such  an eye for detail.

- East Vintage Charm

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