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A Chance Meeting in Honduras

God sure was on the move for these two back in 2018. Lana and Bryce both felt a call to mission work and both decided to volunteer with some high school students on a mission trip to Honduras. But unlike their other mission trips, this one was going to be something wayyy beyond their expectations. “The night their group arrived I remember noticing Bryce immediately. It was late and they had traveled all day, but I made sure to introduce myself that night. The following days we got to know each other more. We talked, played card games, and bonded while serving the people of Honduras together. I always wanted to be near him!

But as with all great love stories, there was an air of doubt. Neither knew if the other felt the same way! But they couldn’t stay away from each other long, so as they got to know each other it became clearly evident. “The third night I was there, we started talking and I believe we talked for about two hours! After those two hours I felt like I had known her my whole life.”

And those moments they shared just got more magical as the week went on! “One night I actually experienced that feeling like you’re “the only two in the room” moment you hear about in the movies. (Later on I found out that everyone was staring at us in that moment while we were in our own little bubble.)

As the trip went on, the two continued to spend time talking and playing games while serving the people in Honduras. “It was pretty amazing.” And ofcourse on the final night, Bryce very smoothly slipped his number into her phone when she wasn’t looking during one of those game nights. “I think the best way to describe the feeling I had when I met with her was like falling in love for the first time. I can’t really compare it to anything else because the way I felt about Lana when I met her was like nothing I have ever experienced. Even still a year and a half later, I continue to fall more and more in love with her. As corny as that might sound, it’s true!”

Surprising the Un-surpisable

“Bryce and I go on regular date nights once a week. Sometimes they’re fancy but sometimes they’re just hanging out and watching TV together! This particular date night didn’t seem like anything unique. He told me he was taking me out to Lazy Fish in Frederick to eat our favorite food — sushi! At first I was feeling kind of lazy this day so I wasn’t planning to dress up. But for some reason, I thank God that I ended up curling my hair and dressing nicely.”

“Lana tried to ruin every surprise, so I opted for a small and sneaky proposal that she would never expect coming. I asked her best friend and sister to set up a post-proposal party with some of our close friends and family. The main plan was as follows: I had gotten her best friend to take her to get her nails done except Lana opted not to which was pretty funny! I told her we were going to go to our favorite sushi place for dinner and then we would walk around Baker Park which is where we went on our first date.”

“Bryce told me he wanted to go for an earlier dinner and that he’d pick me up around 4:30. I didn’t understand why he wanted to go so early but I didn’t question it. I was running late as I typically do for our date nights, and usually Bryce doesn’t mind, but on this day he was rushing me a little which made me suspicious. (I’m a very difficult person to surprise.) I told him that I felt like he was going to surprise me tonight. He thought quick on his feet and told me I was right and that he was trying to make it to dinner early so that we could walk through Baker Park and catch the sunset like we did on our first date. I bought his lie!”

“I came to pick her up and she wasn’t ready and I started panicking because we were on a time crunch. I was luckily able to trick my way into making her think nothing was up. During dinner two things happened. First, I was so nervous I could barley eat (which looked bad because I normally devour sushi.) I knew she would say yes, but even that small 1% chance she says no eats you alive inside until it happens. The second thing was that she referenced the movie Leap Year, which if you know it you understand in that movie the girl proposes to the guy because of the Irish Leap Day tradition. At this point, I thought she was onto me. I was in full panic mode. We left dinner and headed to Baker Park.”

“We parked and walked down toward the gazebo. I noticed there were lights in the gazebo which aren’t usually there so I pointed them out. Bryce suggested we go check it out so I followed. I couldn’t believe what was happening!”

“As we got closer to the gazebo I was more and more anxious she may say no. I told her all the things I loved about her and why I wanted to be with her. Once we were in gazebo I looked at her and said I love you and dropped on one knee. I wish I could say I was as smooth as I was when we met, but man I know I stuttered. Once I finally got the words out “will you marry me”, it took her about 20 seconds maybe to reply because she hadn’t heard me. But to me it felt like 3 years.”

“I literally didn’t even hear him actually pop the question so it took me a second to respond with YES! (Which he later told me my pause freaked him out.) Luckily, my friends and family set up a GoPro in the gazebo and caught it all on camera so I could watch it. After the proposal they all came running out from their hiding places to celebrate and take pictures! Then we went back to my brother’s house where more of our families and friends were there to celebrate with us too! They all did such a great job surprising me and making me feel so loved and special!”

The One

Sometimes there is a defining moment, other times its a slow build, but eventually every couple can say how they knew the other was “the one.” that one person they can envision a future with.

Lana- “Because of his love for Jesus and his heart for missions and foster care! I’ve always felt called to be a missionary and a foster mom and that was something I wanted my future husband to be passionate about as well. I know that God brought us together for a great purpose and I’m so excited to start our life together!”

Bryce- “I knew Lana was the one since Day 3 in Honduras. After watching her serve and love people so well it was clear. Also when she finally talked to me and shared her heart and shared with me who she was it was clear she was the one. Our relationship was built on serving people and seeing each other at our worst. If you have ever been on a mission trip, you’ll know you tend to be exhausted and sweaty all the time. She just loves God and people so well I have never met a girl like that before. She pushes me to be better all while loving me well. She is truly the biggest blessing in my life.”

A March Wedding

This sweet romance continues next year when Lana and Bryce get married! It is so wonderful to see how God works in people’s lives! Truly inspirational! See their wedding here!

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