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branding survey

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Describe your current brand to me!




What's your social media posting schedule like? ( 1-2 times a day? a week? a month? )

What are three words that describe you?

What are three words that describe your brand?

Any loved ones you want to include in portraits? Family, sweetheart, furbabay?

What's a day off look like for you?

Are you interested in a welcome magazine or pricing guide to accompany the experience?

What is your business URL?

The first step to your branding process. I believe the most important way to start the experience off is to get to know you and your brand, This will help guide me to the right props, locations and all those other little details that I don't want you to worry about. I want you to be relaxed and have fun! So please share as much as you can. Can't wait to get started on your Branding Experience!

Anything to add?

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