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This can sometimes be one of the more stressful parts of planning a session, and it really shouldn’t be! I want you to enjoy yourself as you look around your house for those perfect colors and styles that just speak volumes to your client. I want you to get excited when you find the perfect pair of shoes and your outfit comes together perfectly (more on that later) I want you to be confident in the choices we made together so that when shoot day comes, you are not worried one bit about the aesthetic and how it will speak to your people, because you KNOW we nailed it!

1. Focus on the colors

Once we have figured out your brand colors, that should be your main focus while searching around the house. More than likely you already have an aesthetic set up in your home that we can easily transplant to the rental. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Blankets or pillows to add that cozy feel
  • Different color folders, notebooks, pens, and office decor for those work at home shots
  • Mugs, plates, bowls any other dishes for those lifestyle vibes (This is where we showcase your favorite foods)
  • Special covers for your phone and laptop that showcase your brand colors (probably the sneakiest way to throw them in there without them really being there)

2. Bring in your Day-to- Day

We are bringing your clients into your life and allowing them to connect with you on that personal level so…let’s get personal! What are some items that are always around as you go through your daily activities? What are your favorite things to do in your downtime? Who is always around? Here are some of the things that AMS clients love to bring for that personal touch to name a few:

  • Plants
  • Favorite Mugs
  • A favorite snack (waffles, pizza and sushi have all been present at one time or another)
  • Candles
  • Books
  • Favorite skincare items
  • a purse
  • a favorite piece of clothing
  • a favorite pillow
  • Planner or planning board
  • Furbabies! (Dogs are always welcome)
  • Preferred tools for your business

3. Create a Connection Point

Props can be very helpful when used to connect you with your ideal client. And once you identify those props, you will know exactly what to talk about when it come to your Insta 5 ( more on that later)
A few questions to ask yourself about you and your client:
Note: these do not have to be your interests/favorites, but they do have to be something that you are excited to talk about ALOT and OFTE

  • What books do they/you read?
  • What movies do they/you get excited about
  • Do they/you enjoy a weekly Pizza night or are they-you more of a on the town foodie?
  • Are they/you plant mamas or dog moms? or both?

4. And while we are at it

Don’t forget to tell them about you! Showcase books that really speak to you by setting them on the coffee table or on a bookcase in the background. Drag your dogs bed in and have them be present for the action. Leave your camera lying around if you’re a shutterbug or a passport if travel is your passion.

5. Search your house!

Make sure you are searching your house for these props before heading to the local Target and taking on their aisles of goodness. I am ALL FOR a fun shopping trip, but before taking the credit card on a spree, go on a little treasure hunt through your home: check your bookcases, grab some throws and pillows, look for plants you are tending to, search through your office. You may be surprised what you find. If that just isn’t working, my Go-tos for fun props and unique pieces that bring all sorts of fun life to a session:

  • The Dollar Store or Walmart! (Mugs, bowls, glasses. All of it can be found here- Pioneer woman fan over here!)
  • Home Goods (Pillow heaven!)
  • Hobby Lobby (Oh I could get lost in here)
  • Target ( Who doesn’t love a Target run?)
  • Anthropologie (for those pretty special finds)
  • A Friend who runs event rentals and props (I bet you know someone and didn’t even know it! Some prop rental places like to partner for the opportunity to have fresh images themselves, but it is always much more respectful to offer to pay. This is their small business after all)

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Photographer: Amanda MacPhee Studios

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