Belmont Manor & Country Club Spring Wedding | Sloane & Marcus | Virginia Wedding Photographer


Belmont Manor & Country Club Wedding | Sloane & Marcus | Virginia Wedding Photographer

The Day was here

It was a bright day full of sunshine and anticipation. The girls were upstairs giggling and dancing around in their floral robes while the guys were downstairs goofing off and shooting pool. Outside the manor, sat a gorgeous chuppah overlooking a long expansive vista waiting for the beautiful promises that would soon be made underneath it. Over to the side, the bride prepares to meet her groom in a secret garden for the first time that day. She taps him on the shoulder and he turns around to see his bride. His beautiful glowing bride with a heart of gold, that just shines through so evidently. They clasp hands and smile so brightly at each other, never wanting to look away. It was finally here! After so much planning and waiting, it was time to get married!

Never letting go

Who would’ve thought that a chance encounter at ski resort would lead to forever? Not Sloane or Marcus, that’s for sure! Sloane had been invited to go skiing with her brother as they had an extra room and Marcus had just gotten out of the military and was taking some time to relax before heading back to California. The two met at a concert happening at the resort and immediately hit it off. Marcus offered to go skiing with her the next day and give her some pointers. From there they were inseparable. Not even long distance could keep them apart. And let’s be honest. Two people on opposite sides of the country is quite the distance. Anyone who can make it through that deserves to be together forever. And that made their moment in the garden all the more special. No more being apart. It had all been worth it and now they were together and they always would be.

Sloane and Marcus, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I hope you enjoyed every second of it and I wish you the most happiest of lives together as husband and wife!

Featured On: UpDo’s For I Do’s & Let’s Bee Together

Vendors Involved:

Venue: Belmont Manor & Country Club | Madison


Hair: Up Do’s for I Do’s

Dress: S

Jewelry: A

Flowers: A

Cake: A


Guitarist: A

Videographer: Ace 19 Media

Photographer: Amanda MacPhee Studios

Second Shooter: Rebekah Joy Petersen

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