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Sasha & Matt’s DC Engagement Session

April 11, 2017 | Amanda MacPhee Studios
Sasha and Matt met while in college studying to be lawyers in Michigan. Since Matt’s proposal in Michigan, the two have moved to a upscale DC neighborhood and are now real lawyers working in the same firm together. They adopted a sweet little rescue named Milo and love stopping by their favorite coffee shop, the Wyndown, while taking him on his daily walks. I learned later that Milo is a famous insta dog, so naturally I had to go check out his feed and people LOVE him! Check it out here! We started in a adorable DC neighborhood and made our way over to Meridian Park after dropping Milo off for our more fancier shots. While the weather was not a super sunny evening, the overcast skies made for some really nice colors in the downtown area and really made the cherry trees in the park POP for our dancing session. We basically did everything we could until the rain fell.






Silent adoration

 Throughout the entire session, Sasha was all smiles, giggling and twirling in this absolutely adorable fashion and Matt just stop and watched her in silent adoration. They are perfectly suited for each other and you can totally tell in these images. If you can tear your eyes away from the joyful girl abounding with love and light, take a look at the guy watching her. You can see it all right there





Enter the tulle skirt! 

So we get to outfit two of the session and Sasha comes out in this perfect little pink tulle skirt! I tell you I was so excited to get going when I saw that skirt. I love when my brides pick out pieces that are a little more…daring, but that perfectly sum up who they are as a person and Sasha did just that. It just makes my job 10x easier.

Sasha and Matt-75 - CopySasha and Matt-76 - Copy











 Sasha and Matt-132 - CopySasha and Matt-137 - Copy

Light rain

As we pulled to a close, because, like it or not, we were losing light, it started to lightly rain and Sasha and Matt being the Awesome Couple they are, stuck around for some more portraits in the park and then we ended in the street for a really romantic night shot! These two were such naturals at everything, I hardly had to do anything. 

 Sasha and Matt-33 - Copy - CopySasha and Matt-35 - Copy - Copy

 Sasha and Matt-147 - CopySasha and Matt-148 - Copy


 They are getting married at what only can be described as a location you would find in a storybook. Large Canyons, Deep Vineyards, Starry skies….You try not to swoon when thinking about it.

Sasha and Matt, thank you so much for spending this evening with me and showing me around your lovely neighborhood! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and this journey you will share together. 

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