A Perfect Fall Day

When you get the opportunity to shoot an amazing couple AND their sweet golden, you take that opportunity with gusto. Caroline and Dylan said their vows beneath a beautiful flowering arch surrounded by blue and purple hydrangeas. The groomsmen were decked out in their best black tie attire and the ladies glowed their pink and purple gowns. Guests watched in admiration and pride as Caroline and Dylan promised to love each other through it all. Including Sports season AND Housewives episodes. And their sweet golden Gus? Well he was there every step of the way helping his humans get ready and to celebrate this wonderful day!

Through a Dogs Eyes

Something special was about to happen. He could feel it. Behind him stood his mom looking very happy and bright. Perhaps even a little fluffy. He wondered if she was hiding chicken in that thing. Music started up but Gus paid no mind. “Mom might have bacon for me! Can’t lose focus.” She smiled at him and urged him forward. Trotting down the stairs with grace and beauty in his fancy new collar, he was filled with so much excitement ,he couldn’t help but wag his tail faster than ever. ALL HIS FAVORITE PEOPLE WERE HERE! “There’s the lady who gives extra special pets and there’s that man who sneaks him food. But who’s that at the end? “Oh boy! It’s Dad!” Barreling down the aisle Gus received all the pets as he made a beeline for his Dad. “Dad looked a little nervous, and Gus couldn’t wonder what was wrong. He turned to see what Dad was looking at and saw his Mom! Oh he very much loved his Mom. Mom started walking towards them and Gus felt so happy. His parents took each other’s hands, faced each other and just…stood there? This was not interesting for Gus, so it was time to greet all his favorite people. “Hello you. How are you? Do you have chicken? No. Just pets. Okay. That will do. What about you? Perhaps you have bacon? Are you enjoying the festivities? Those are my parents up there. I very much love them. And you. I love you. And you too!” Once he had made the rounds and come to the aisle, he stopped. Something felt different. He turned to see his parents holding hands and smiling at each other. They were so happy! Something wonderful was happening indeed. Suddenly cheers erupted from all sides of him and he couldn’t help it. SO much excitement was contagious to a dog like him. His parents began walking back up the aisle. and Gus rushed through to join them to celebrate in this momentous occasion.

A Darling Fall Wedding at Airlie Gardens in Warrenton Virginia

Thick as Theives

Have you ever met a group of people and just know from the get go that this is one of those tight knit community of friends and family. Distances and circumstances might separate them, but when it comes down to the great celebrations (ie. a wedding!) they are always going to be there. I got a strong sense of this from how Caroline & Dylan interacted with their guests. They really did cherish having every single person there to celebrate with them and it was beautiful to watch. Even their band was an old friend. How cool is that?

Caroline & Dylan,

What a perfect day! It was so amazing to be a part of all those special and heartfelt moments with you and your family & friends. You are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family not only supporting you, but loving you unconditionally. It’s truly a wonderful gift. I know this is just the beginning of something amazing for the two of you! Congratulations to you both and I look forward to following along on more adventures with Gus.

Vendors Involved:

Venue/Caterer: Airlie in Warrenton, Virginia

Event Planner/Coordinator: Event Planning DC

Hair: Up Do’s for I Do’s

Dress: Miss Hailey Paige

Flowers: The Rosy Posy

Band: Gutter Rose

Desserts: Eloise’s Pastries

Photographer: Amanda MacPhee Studios

Second Shooter: Rebekah Joy Petersen

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