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Well it’s here. one week until Christmas. The cookies, are baked the presents are wrapped, the house is clean-ish and you’ve got all your wrapping done. Oh wait! You forgot someone!

Throughout the season I’ve come across so many great gift ideas! Unfortunately I have gifted to my max, so I’m sharing these ideas with you! I personally find gift giving so much more satisfying when I can find something practical (like they will actually use it) and something they never thought they needed and end up LOVING. It’s always a plus if they end up loving it!

Here are a few of my favorite last minute gifts for a wide variety of people in your life. And BONUS, they all have 2 day FREE shipping!

1. For the Brain

I especially love gifting The Sherlock Puzzle Box! So many fun puzzles and brain teasers in one great mystery box! Perfect for that person who loves to use their mind. Or for that person that you think could use their mind a bit more 😉


2. For the Frazzled

This person is probably super stressed from the rush of the holidays, and could use a break from the madness. And while the craze has died a bit, I’m still 100% behind the power of coloring books! I still love gifting my girls with these fun stress relievers. Throw in a set of fancy markers or colored pencils and Voila! The perfect gift. Dot to Dots and word searches are great too!


3. For the Book worm

Create Your Own Classic Book Set of all the classics! Choose from over 50 titles and make your own set to fit that person’s taste. Still a tad over budget? Get them a 3-month Audible Membership! Best way to read in my opinion.


4. For the Commuter

Nothing is worse than already having to drag yourself out of your warm bed and find your car COVERED in ice. Heated Ice Scraper and some warm gloves will make this experience so much better. This one’s even on my list!


5. For the Fashionista

It should go without saying, but shoes are a great gift choice. This place has so many great styles but THESE are probably my favorite for some winter style!


6. For the Traveler

This bag is perfect for the traveler in your life. Not only is there a ton of space inside, but a shoe compartment in the bottom. Win win!


7. For the Dog/Cat Person

They will love having this at their disposal for all the pet selfies!


8. For the Athlete

Perfect for all forms of athlete, a 3 month membership to their local climbing gym. Feeling extra generous? Throw in some classes! I have just started going and it’s really quite enjoyable. There’s a weight room with all sorts of exercise equipment to better the climbing skills, but there’s also just normal equipment for the wimps like me. One day I’ll climb a wall. One day….


9. For the Foodie

With winter approaching, the idea of going outside is going to seem less than appealing to this person. So make it an easy night in for them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant. And then they can Door dash it! Tons of restaurants participate and deliver straight to your door! Take it up another notch and get them a 3-month subscription to Home Chef!


10. For the person you can’t find ANYTHING for:

This one is a toughie for me, but if you have been racking your brain for hours and just can’t think of anything. Relax. It’s the thought that counts and if you think they will enjoy it then that is all that matters. If they already have it then that’s what gift receipts are for. But never let it be said you didn’t try for a heartfelt gift. Most of the time, in my experience, this person just replaces their old one with the newer one. So there. Still getting used!



You know what makes the perfect gift? A photo session! There’s nothing better than giving the gift of memories. And I do know a great photographer Just sayin.’


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