With engagement season just around the corner my mind can’t help but wander to all these great sessions I have coming up and while I love shooting in the local park or woods area, I can’t help but wonder if I was doing my couples a disservice by not sharing my personal favorites. I mean, as the artist I can see something in a location that most people can’t so why shouldn’t I allow my sweet couples to take advantage of this unique opportunity? Honestly, no one wants to be just like everyone else, so why should you engagement or portrait session be any less individual? A location should reflect you and your partner. Your personalities, you tastes, who you are as a couple. Don’t worry, I go really in depth with this with Engagement Session Step by Step Location Inspiration. 

I want your engagement session to be more than just a practice run or a new profile picture on your social media accounts. I want you to fall even more in love with each other than when you started, I want you to have fun and tap into who you are as an individual as well as, as a couple. I want this to be an Experience!

So without further ado, these are the places I have come across during my travels, lunch dates, meetings, conversations, etc. that just immediately popped out to me as a: “WOW! This would be a Great place for a session!”


Rio Washingtonian Gaithersburg MD walkwayRio Gaithersburg MD Carousel Rio Washingtonian Gaithersburg MD Carousel portrait session


What draws me in: You walk in and there is an immediate tie to your inner child. Trains running the walkway, a large lake with fountains, picnic grounds with large trees, Old fashioned movie listings, and A CAROUSEL! There is also tons of parking garages that we can climb to the top of and get some great sky shots. Or city shots at night!

2. Glenview Mansion

What draws me in: It’s a mansion. Enough said.


Sugarloaf Mountain Overlook in Frederick Maryland

3. Sugarloaf Mountain

What draws me in: The Overlook, the trees, the light!


London town gardens in edgewater MD in the spring during sunset

4. London Town

What draws me in: A gorgeous garden, beautiful trees, AND a waterfront property! It’s 2 in 1!


Rawling Conservatory in Baltimore MD

5. Rawlings Conservatory

What draws me in: An indoor garden with tons of windows! No need to worry about weather ever!


6. Downtown Rockville

What draws me in: The old fashion movie sign, the fountains in town square, the tiny maze, and the street art!


7. Downtown Frederick

What draws me in: The lighted walkways, the bridges, the fountains, the storefronts, and the park!


Blue Dreams USA Lavender Farm

8. Blue Dreams USA

What draws me in- the lavender, the rolling hills, and the wide open space!


Elkhorn Lake in Columbia MD

9.  Elkhorn Lake OR Centennial Lake

What draws me in: The lake walkway, the docks, the expansive sunset view, the cherry blossom walkway, and the dam/lake!


10. In home or Borrowed Home

What draws me in: The personal aspect, the window into a couples true self, and the opportunity for a game night!



Special Offer!

Interested in using any of these locations at your session with me?

Just mention this blog post and the location you want to use and I’ll take 10% off your package total!

20% if you choose to do your session at: RIO, Blue Dreams USA, or The Conservatory!

*Discount is not applied until full package is booked or session images are delivered



  1. Elisa Thomas says:

    I just love your photos! You truly capture the beauty around you😊

  2. Ashton says:

    These are so great! Just shot at Rawlings again yesterday and it does not disappoint!

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