A Sweet Little Backyard Wedding

Emily and Will were hoping for a intimate wedding from the minute they got engaged, so it really worked out that the 2020 times forced this very thing to happen, and Emily and Will got the sweet little intimate wedding they had always dreamed of. See their engagement session just a few weeks ago here!

The Day was Perfect!

The air was still, save for a few gentle breezes. The clouds had gathered above and the sunshone lightly through them down on the sweet arbor set up in Emily’s childhood home backyard. Emily had spent all her time perfecting this day. She even did the florals on her own! Small white blooms crawled up and around the arch designated for the wedding. Behind the arch, a sweet picket fence and a butterfly bush create this perfect little background for Emily and Will. Small vases dot the aisle and masked guests start to mill in and take their seats. Nostalgic music from Disney movies, and other soundtracks softly play in the background. With her parents on both sides of her, Emily walks towards Will. Towards forever

Relaxation Personified!

Now that the pressure is off, it’s time to have fun! All of Emily and Will’s close friends and family eagerly wait for their turn to congratulate the newly weds. Some take their chance at the taco truck in the driveway. Others visit their table for a quick hug or a distanced wave. Around the tented area, Emily’s dad set up a 12 hole mini golf course surrounding the house and ending at a special blacklight golf course. And then there’s the cupcake table! Emily and Will couldn’t choose just one flavor, so they had a variety of over 14 flavors to offer their guests!

From Amanda

This was such a sweet wedding! And we had amazing weather that created that perfectly diffused light photographers get very excited about! I loved the soundtracks playing in the background while everyone ate tacos and chatted amongst themselves. It was such a cozy and inviting scene. Here are some other things that I really LOVED about Emily and Will’s wedding!

  1. The Taco Truck! Seriously so good!
  2. The fact that after I fell in the pond, nothing bad happened! This one probably deserves an explanation: I was out shooting the guests playing mini golf by the blacklight area and completely forgot that there was a pond. Took a small step to my right and suddenly I’m soaked! This can be quite shocking when you are expecting ground and end up in water! I held my camera up as high as it would go and woudn’t you know, nothing affected the pictures. And I was perfectly fine too, so all in all, a very lucky outcome!
  3. The Soundtracks. Nostalgia and feel good all over
  4. These night shots! I knew I wanted to work over by this well during the night shots, but I had no idea they would be this WOW!

Emily & Will,

Thanks so much for choosing me to capture this special day for you. Even though things looked a little different from how we all imagined it, it was truly a wonderful day and I’ve got to hand it to you: You really know how to make an event feel warm.



Vendors Involved:

Photographer: Amanda MacPhee Studios

Second Shooter: Rebekah Petersen

Venue: Emily’s Backyard

Florals: Emily Our Bride!

Taco Truck: Taco Bar

Desserts: 4 The Love of Sweets

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