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Hello darling brides! We are going to talk about the getting ready space today. Believe it or not, there are some very important things that all getting ready spaces really should have to ensure the BEST photos. So while you are looking for that perfect venue, take some time to really look for these 5 things in the getting ready space. It could make all the difference!

1. Natural Light

This is SO important! Probably the MOST important. Light is central to success in your getting ready space, but natural light is the perfect way to create that beautiful clean glow you have come to love in my photos. With natural light I capture the most dreamy aspects of your bridal beauty. You know the kind. Where you hair shines just right and your skin looks AMAZING, and the dress is perfect.

How can this be achieved? Big Windows. If you aren’t in a space that has windows, make sure there is an area outside of the getting ready room where there are big windows OR a less busy area of the venue that is outside. Keep in mind, that the further the space I use for the details, the longer it takes me to get back to you for your fun robes and champagne photos!

2. A Pretty Chair

This is something that I have come to find as a very helpful accessory to a suite. Not only does it give your bouquet or shoes a great place to sit for photos, it adds more to the wedding story. Pieces of the venue just add to the feel of the story. They create a memory on their own and they incorporate the venue beautifully. The same goes for a pretty bed. It makes a great backdrop for your photos with your girls and for your dress!

How can this be achieved? Just ask. See if your wedding planner or coordinator can procure one for you and have it in the room when you get there. Using rentals for the reception? Try to have one delivered the suite early.

3. Space

Please do not get the itsy-bitsy bridal room for getting ready just because it is cheaper. You will regret it. Too many times, I have seen this happen and it’s always a very stressful experience. Bridesmaids falling over each other trying to get to their things, a hair and makeup artist pushed into a corner of the room using harsh ring light, and then ontop of all that, there’s me trying to capture beautiful moments between the bride and her friends and family while also trying to not step on anyone or trip over anything. And if there’s a videographer? Well we have to take’s just a bad, stressful situation and, in the end, means little to no bridal portraits in the space. It’s just as fine to get these moments outside the venue, but it is so much more authentic to the wedding story to have these moments shown in the space, and wouldn’t you want your documentation to be authentic?

How can this be achieved? Ask to see the bridal suite. Plain and simple. These spaces were made for this exact situation. There’s usually multiple rooms in the suite with seating for everyone, tables to put things, and plenty of light! (Yes we are back to light)

4. Architectural Details

This is almost along the same lines of the venue furniture, but a little bit different. Same reason though. These are authentic details. Things you see while are you getting ready, things you touch, smell, hear! And every sensation is associated with a memory. My goal is to make you feel like you are reliving your wedding day with your photos and THIS is one of my favorite ways to do that!

How can this achieved? While touring getting ready spaces, take note of the architectural details and decide if they are a good match for your wedding vibe? Look at the doors and the paint colors. Look the fireplace mantel, the details adorning the windows and doors. If even one of these things gives you a little warm feeling in your belly, then THAT is the space for you. It’s going to match your wedding story perfectly!

5. White Walls

This is a big thing with photographers. We hate wood paneling and green carpet. Orange wallpaper is also a huge cringe-fest, and anything with a weird texture from the 70’s makes us want to run screaming from the room. But you know how we make it better? With a white wall! The more white walls we have at our disposal, the happier we will be. And if you pair these white walls with a large window? Heaven! Perfect skin tones, Perfect light and shadow ratio. Just perfect! Now twirl!

How can this be achieved? Note the amount of white walls present at your bridal suite locations and choose the one with the MOST. Please make sure there is a BIG window too! (See how I snuck that in there?)

Your getting ready space doesn’t necessarily need ALL of these things, but they certainly help to enhance the experience, and I hope, with these Wedding Memos, I am helping to make the planning process easier and to bring your mind ease. Got a suggestion for wedding memos? Leave it in the comments below!

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