A small note from Amanda: Please give a warm welcome to the stationery team at Basic Invite. One of the team members, Mackenzie reached out to me earlier in the year and after a good bit of back and forth we each compiled a concise guide of sorts for the other to use in their blog posts and to share with their readers! I couldn’t even begin to tell you that I know the slightest thing about stationery building, just like they wouldn’t try to explain the business of wedding photography. So we are giving you (our couples) the biggest benefit when it comes to gathering resources for your wedding: Professional Advice straight from the source.

On a personal note, I think their wedding websites are just darling and I love how user friendly they are. A Huge plus in my book. 

See my Wedding Favorites on their blog here


All Things Wedding Stationery with Basic invite | Wedding Memos | Guest Blogger- Basic Invite | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Wedding stationery is more than just pretty cardstock and an invitation to a celebration… wedding stationery can truly act as an anchor to your entire wedding theme or style and as a way to keep your guests in the loop of your wedding planning process. When you hear wedding stationery, you probably think marriage invitations and if you’re a pro at the wedding game, maybe menu cards or thank you notes as well, but there are actually a lot more steps to consider prior to the wedding invites that are just as exciting!

That’s why we are here with Basic Invite today

to talk all things wedding stationery from start to finish! Basic Invite is an online stationery design company serving up the best of the best in all things wedding invitations and stationery products. If you aren’t familiar with them, you will be soon and I promise you will love what they have to offer! Now let’s get to it!

All things wedding stationery literally means all of the things!

We are talking engagement invitation cards, custom bridal shower invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, and everything else in  between. Because there are so many celebrations leading up to the grand finale walk down the aisle and it’s nice to use those parties as a means to an end. For example, figure out what you want your wedding aesthetic to be right off the bat, whether that’s a color or a vibe maybe even a theme… that way you can create wedding stationery that will be cohesive throughout your entire engagement. Plus, you can begin to gather décor that you can use for all of your festivities rather than spending time and money on something new and different for each event.

So, what are you looking at in terms of party prep and invites when it comes to your wedding anyway? Well, that will probably look different for every bride, but here is a list of what to except and the stationery you will need to go with it. Then you can decide which celebrations to include.

Image from Basic Invite Image from Basic Invite

Image from Basic Invite

Engagement Party

Kick off your wedding festivities with a party and some adorable invites to go along. This is the perfect place to start getting to know yourself as a bride and as a couple. Explore the website, play around with their 180 color options, and 100 font styles, and even order samples! If you aren’t sure whether or not you want menus or place cards for your wedding, an engagement party is the perfect time to test them out! If you like them, keep them for your wedding as those guests will most likely be attending your wedding as well.

Image from Basic Invite


Bridal Shower

After ordering your engagement party invitations and familiarizing yourself with Basic Invite, this is the best occasion to really show your girls your personalized wedding style. Although someone from your bridal party or family is probably throwing your shower you can all customize the invites together giving those closest to you a sneak peek into your wedding day vision.

Image from Basic Invite



Bachelorette Party

This is where you just have fun! Basic Invite has recently added bachelorette party invitations to their wedding party line and they are so adorable! Go off the beaten path with color choices here
or get super girly with your design!

Rehearsal Dinner

Pro Tip: Order your rehearsal dinner invitations along with your wedding invitations. That way you will have a matching design for your main events and you won’t have to worry about it
when the time comes – trust me you will be a bit busy!

Image from Basic Invite


And there is something for every happily married year to come!

Image from Basic Invite


Wedding season is just around the corner so head over to Basic Invite and customize yours today. They are currently running a 15% off site wide promo so don’t forget to use discount code
15FF51 to receive yours. Happy planning and happy customizing!

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