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Personal Brand Photography outline of the client experience and the invaluable benefits it can provide for a small business



A Little Bit of You

So then what is brand? Most of you probably already know what a brand is. You may have a really strong one yourself and feel like you’re ahead the curve (great feeling) but for those don’t, brand is a variety of things. It’s colors, its styles, it’s a logo, it’s a headshot. It’s all these things. But it’s also you as a business owner. It’s your day to day and your life away from the hubbub of running a business. It’s the little tidbits that happen in a minute when no is looking. In a nutshell, It is your business personality. It’s You.


Personal Branding Takes This Idea Up a Notch

Personal branding takes this another step closer by, you guessed it, making it personal. Using the things that make you, You! To help you connect with your ideal customers, or as I like to call it, your people. How do we do this? We find connection points. Things that are unique to you and a select amount of individuals. This could be as simple as a weird way to top your ice cream, an odd hobby you enjoy, or a specific way you enjoy doing something. The more specific you get, the better, but other great connection points are favorite food, books, movies, your pets, your kids, your SO., the list goes on.


See how this is turning into something real? Every little step in this direction leads your people to falling in love with you! And that is exactly what you want. You want your customers to have an emotional attachment to you, otherwise you are just another shop. But wouldn’t it be nice to change that and be one of their favorite shop owners? The kind of person they look forward to hearing more about. Like, what crazy thing your cat did this week, a behind the scenes video of your newest creation, a quiet moment where you just get a little real about your work-life balance, and a sneak peek from your latest  project. They WANT to know more about you. They Care about you. And a strong image is what makes this happen effortlessly and authentically.


It’s only Natural

With the ever changing need of entrepreneurs and commercial brands for imagery like-yesterday, this is where personal brand photography comes in. You need lifestyle images to portray the day to day that you experience every day. (pun intended), You need detail shots to represent different aspects of yourself and to give you a more well-rounded online personality. You need the shiny headshots with the perfect eye contact and the sweetest smile with the most glowy skin (You know we love that glow). You need product shots and Behind the Scenes to show what you do when no one is looking. And you need it done with purpose, intention, authenticity and professionalism. You need it look authentic. Better yet, feel authentic. This is just barely scratching the surface of what personal brand photography can do in ONE session! Think how deep we can get after a year. Just as it takes time and actual presence to get a to know a new friend, the same is to be said of my relationships with my clients. I learn so much in our consultations and each question is meant to guide me to a specific answer.


Let’s Get Talking

You would be amazed at the amount of things I can learn about a person just by sitting and listening to them talk. This is one of my strongest attributes. I am not much of a talker. (I’m actually the type of person that dreads large social gatherings because of this lovely attribute) but get me in a 1-1 situation and I am in my element. All I have to do is just get you talking with intentional questions designed to help me fill in those blanks. This will lead to the perfect blueprint to build the perfect session. Now let me take it one step further and have you imagine what this could be like on a recurring basis. With intentional questions, 1-1 time, and my undivided attention every. single. time. How beneficial is a relationship like that?





Connections Are Everything!

I am all about connections and community. These things are so important to me and I strive to use this as my “why” every time I start work with my clients. Connections are so important. They help us to feel like we belong and are valued. They give us windows into the people around us and show that we are not alone. They also allow us to connect and experience community. Community leads to so many wonderful opportunities and personal growth. We are not only surrounding ourselves with people that inspire us and lead us to new challenges, but we are also giving ourselves a sense of belonging and purpose. We are no longer just serving ourselves and our business. We are serving each other and let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in the world than to serve others and watch it affect them in the most positive way imaginable.

This is how I approach my sessions with PBP clients. I know you are busy and the time to connect isn’t always there. So I am giving you the tools you need to make those connections and attract your people. Build on that and create a brand you always dreamed of.


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