Outfit Inspiration for couples and engagement sessions

A quick note from me:

Before I start throwing “the top 5” at you, I want to say that while capturing you and your sweetheart in your truest form is my top priority, your engagement photos are a chance to dress up and show up at your best. Not necessarily to show off (okay maybe you want to show off a little) but mainly it is so you feel and look your best with the person you love (also looking and feeling their best) I mean you are investing in photography that you believe is the best. Don’t you want to make sure you’re bringing in 100% so everything comes full circle?

1. The importance of dressing for You

You have probably already picked out your location thanks to the previous article. (Really breaks down the process) so picking the outfit you want to partner with that location should be 10x easier now! Make sure you are comfortable but feel just a little more special than usual. Got a dress that you bought because it was so pretty and looked so good on you, but have nowhere to wear it? Wear that dress!!!

2. Make sure you bring in layers and fun accessories! This just adds variety and character to your shoot!

Spring Frederick Maryland Engagement Session
3. Preparing Your Guy

Now as for your guy I strongly advise you do not leave him to his own devices. He has no idea what you are expecting of him. He just thinks you are taking a couple pictures together.

So try this instead: Guide him in the direction you are envisioning by showing him what you’re planning for yourself outfit wise, and he should get the idea. But just incase here are a few rules for your sweetie:

Make sure he combs his hair, trims his beard, etc.  Unless you we have a pre-discussed plan for a fun outfit shot, Steer him away from tee shirts and jerseys and over to nice dress shirts, polos, or even a nice suit. Same goes for torn jeans and dirty sneakers.

Now it’s also important to dress for the photos you are expecting

If you want elegant and sophisticated engagement photos and show up in a sweater and jeans, chances are you won’t get what you’re looking for (unless you have a hidden talent for that sort of thing) So a good rule of thumb to follow is if the photos you are envisioning were a scene in a movie, would those characters be wearing that outfit you are thinking? No? Imagine those characters. What are they wearing? Find something closer to that.

4. Hair and Makeup

This is by no means a must, but remember that 100% we were just talking about? If you’re serious about that, then you want to go ahead and do this. Great news about this is that most HMUA offer trials to their brides for hair and makeup. What better day to take advantage of that than with your engagement photos?

Make sure you have a spare pair of shoes to fit the occasion

Too many times I get a couple to go to this great location but we have to stop and shoot somewhere in the middle because their shoes are not made for that kind of walking. So for those long treks, slip on a pair of sneakers or flip flops. Taking a hike for your session? Hiking shoes and hair ties! Going somewhere with a body of water? Flip flops and a change of clothes! Your photographer (aka me) will probably put you in the water for some epic scenery/notebook shots!

A rainy day at fells point engagement session
5. Dogs!

Not really outfit related but I think it fits! If you want to bring your dog for the session (which I totally encourage! They are part of the family after all) make sure you have a few things in place so we don’t get held up:
1. A family member or friend willing to bring the dog and then take the dog home (or hang out with the dog while we shoot elsewhere undistracted!
2. Your dogs favorite toy! -How do I get the dog to look at the camera like I’m his best friend? I’m usually holding his favorite toy hostage!
3. Dress them up a little!

No I’m not talking a full fledged Halloween costume, but a fun garland to act as a collar, a cute bow tie, a fun leash or even a tutu will help your fur baby to look their best right along with you!

6. Want More Inspiration?

Check out my Engagement Session Outfits Board on Pinterest! (Updated Regularly)


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