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This is not a call for you to follow me so I can watch the numbers on my profile grow, this is a call for you to take FULL advantage of the experience you are taking part in. I want you to be comfortable and at ease when we are together for your engagement session, so I can capture you two as you truly are with authentic smiles and joyful laughter that makes who you are as a couple . If you aren’t comfortable with me, then that authenticity gets lost. What does social media do then? It connects us as friends and we get to know each other day by day. We find things we have in common and all of a sudden this random stranger you hired to shoot your wedding becomes a friend. Doesn’t that sound nice? Here are 3 more reasons to convince you to hit that Follow button

1. You have a pretty clear idea of where I am during the day. If I’ve got a wedding or a session happening, you’ll see when you check my stories. I love to rave about my clients while on location!

2.  You get to see your pretty faces and show your friends. I post sneak peeks Right after your engagement session and other shots here and there in my grid. I share a link to your blog and even some shots on stories. You don’t want this miss this Feature! It’s such a fun way to celebrate your engagement in micro moment

3.  And if not for anything else, it would make me so happy to have that element of connection with You. I can see what you do together, if you have a pet, a favorite location, etc. All of these can help me to get to know you AND I get to follow along with your journey from engagement to wedding and support you the whole way!

Want some Engagement Session Inspiration? Check out my step by step Location Inspiration here or some Outfit Inspiration here!

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