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This one was a special one you guys. This was my roommates wedding! I was actually nervous about this one! From the minute I met Shelly & Luke, I knew I wanted to be their friend. Shelly was just so full of light and sweet energy and Luke was a such a nice strong giving spirit! I loved their church family and when I was asked to be apart of this very special moment, you can bet there was a happy dance going on in my head! I had actually spent many nights praying for their wedding, so on the day they said they wanted to work with me, I was just so overcome with happiness! God does say Yes 🙂 Their engagement session was pure magic and I knew their wedding would be nothing less! I just wanted it to be perfect. And guess what? It was!

The Perfect Day

The day was finally here! June 20, 2020. After much ado with social distancing requirements and gathering limits, Shelly and Luke got to keep their original wedding date at their original venue! Everything actually came together pretty perfectly for them. And we all know it was with God’s help! I mean, it was supposed to pour down rain and thunder all day and then all of sudden, there’s bright sunshine-y skies? If that’s not God’s will, I don’t know what is! Funnily enough, on that very morning, even when I saw the dark clouds coming in, I KNEW God was going to give Shelly and Luke the most perfect day just like He did for their engagement session. And with the help of their super amazing church, that perfect day was shared with everyone from Maryland and Pennsylvania and even all the way to Jamaica! A live stream was set up on each side so everyone who couldn’t be in attendance could witness the marriage ceremony between these two. A larger celebration is in the works for October, where hopefully everyone can embrace and see the bride and groom face to face, but asking these two to wait another four months was just out of the question, so a sweet intimate ceremony was in order.

A Moment between a couple almost to be married is truly something special. Sharing that moment with God? Impossibly Beautiful! What a joy it was to witness this moment and silently pray alongside them for a strong and fruitful marriage.

The sky was the perfect shade of blue, the wind danced around creating a sense of anticipation. Luke approaches the altar and waits for his bride to enter. Like an angel Shelly glides down the aisle beaming with happiness, her parents on either side.

Remember back at their engagement session, where Shelly was so excited Luke found a willow tree for her? Well they now they have one of their very own! With soil from each of their parents lands, a baby willow was christened and blessed. This tree will be planted at their new forever home and will shelter their family for many generations to come!

Shelly & Luke,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You two are a treasure! I am so grateful to have met you and to be welcomed into your family. I am sad to be losing a roommate, but I am so much more happy for you two and your new life together! I can’t wait to see your happiness (and your family) grow! Congratulations!!!

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