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HIRING A STYLIST | WEDDING MEMOS | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER A small note from Amanda: Please give a warm welcome to the very talented Heather Misner of Atwater Lane Styling. I worked with Heather on a previous shoot this past November and Loved every little thing she put into place for the day. She didn’t […]

A Winter Elopement “The door slid closed with a quiet click” The door slid closed with a quiet click. Across the hall Annabelle could hear her father’s booming voice talking about the details of his next exchange. Her exchange. In less than 24 hours he would have her betrothed to some old droning fool of […]

5 Facts About Me! – The February Edition   1.I actually enjoy writing. Preferably Fantasy or Dystopias. Anything that is so far fetched to ever happen in real life. There’s a fun sort of magic there 2. I am highly impressionable. If I watch any more than 5 episodes of “Fixer Upper,” I feel this […]

 MY SPRING LOCATION LIST | ENGAGEMENTS | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER With engagement season just around the corner my mind can’t help but wander to all these great sessions I have coming up and while I love shooting in the local park or woods area, I can’t help but wonder if I was doing my couples […]

January Musings | Personal | Maryland Wedding Photographer We have almost made it through January my friends. As much as I LOVE December, January really is more of a recharging time for me. A time to reflect on the upcoming season and decide where to focus my efforts. And February simply allows me to continue […]

5 Facts About Me! – The January Edition A few of my favorite things!   1.Clean and Tidy spaces 2. Fluffy Puppies 3. Marble surfaces 4. Pink! 5. Comfy couches 6. Witty TV 7. The smell of cake wafting through a house 8. A warm embrace with a kiss. 9. A moment of clarity 10. […]

5 Facts About Me! – The December Edition 4 Truths & a Lie! Let’s play a game of three truths and lie! ( Lets face it, one of those is a freebie 😉) Try to guess which one is the lie! 1. Winter Weddings are my jam 2.  I just published a new Blog and […]

She was giddy with excitement It was Christmas Eve and that meant downstairs everyone was prepping for her families annual Christmas Party. It was always quite the event. Christmas lights everywhere, all the women laughing and chatting with each other, their family jewels glinting whenever they turned, Men in full dress pulling those women onto […]

Kirsten & Neal A chance meeting through mutual friends led to this adorable love story. Kirsten and Neal met at a DC party with those friends and immediately hit it off. But it wasn’t until 2 years later that they fell for each other and started dating. Seven years later they are engaged and planning […]

5 Facts About Me! – The November Edition This week I have been journaling about those small joys that are so commonplace that they just get completely take for granted. Taking the time to pay attention to these things has honestly made me a lot happier with my life and to be honest, a lot […]