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Just Imagine it… a long stretch of perfect beach and rolling waves on one side with pastel colored Victorian homes on the other. Bikes are more prominent than cars, so the streets are quiet. You just might be the youngest person there, but it doesn’t matter because the old soul in you has found the […]

THE GETTING READY SPACE | WEDDING MEMOS | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Hello darling brides! We are going to talk about the getting ready space today. Believe it or not, there are some very important things that all getting ready spaces really should have to ensure the BEST photos. So while you are looking for that […]

GORGEOUS AIRLIE GARDEN WEDDING | VIRGINIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER | AMANDA MACPHEE STUDIOS She clutched her daughter tight and together they shared their beautiful mother daughter dance under the twinkling bistro lights in the atrium. Bravely, Kirsten held fast to her mother and swayed gently with her. Her new husband, Neal, looked on with love in […]

A MOTHER’S DAY MEMORY | PERSONAL | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to one of my Favorite places, Longwood Gardens! So, for the first time in all those amazing trips, I realized something very important about life. An A-HA moment, if you will. Sometimes the journey really is better […]

¬† Vendor Spotlight-Planners & Florists | Wedding Memos | Maryland Wedding Photographer I’ve got a few awesome ladies that I’m really excited to introduce you to! Each one is dedicated to their work, a ton of fun to be around, and a true creative genius! I have worked with each and every one of these […]

MY TOP THREE PLACES TO VISIT | ADVENTURES | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Over the course of my life, I have been given the opportunity to visit a multitude of amazing places (and yet it still feels like there is so much more to see) and every time I find a place that I LOVE, I […]

Christopher & Banks Fashion Show | Personal Branding | Maryland Personal Brand Photographer It may still be dreary and cold outside, but inside the stores are popping with color and life! Last Saturday, I was invited to shoot The Christopher & Banks Spring Fashion Show in Westminster, Maryland. All the ladies modeling the clothes are […]

A small note from Amanda: Please give a warm welcome to the stationery team at Basic Invite. One of the team members, Mackenzie¬†reached out to me earlier in the year and after a good bit of back and forth we each compiled a concise guide of sorts for the other to use in their blog […]

MY BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE | ADVENTURE | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It was seriously the dreariest of days and to be honest, it’s something I’ve gotten used to. I very rarely have a warm sunny day on my birthday (except last year! See here). My options for fun ways to celebrate were limited. We could either go […]

HIRING A STYLIST | WEDDING MEMOS | MARYLAND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER A small note from Amanda: Please give a warm welcome to the very talented Heather Misner of Atwater Lane Styling. I worked with Heather on a previous shoot this past November and Loved every little thing she put into place for the day. She didn’t […]


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